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The majestic and magnificent Mount Teide, formed by a series of volcanic eruptions starting over three and a half million years ago, stands 3718m above sea level, and is the highest point of the Canary Islands and Spain.  With fascinating breath-taking scenery and unforgettable cerulean blue sky, this marvel of biodiversity and natural history really is a must-see for anyone visiting Tenerife.  

Like most Tenerife visitors, the first time I saw Mount Teide was through an aeroplane window.  It was dusk, the volcano was black against a purple sunset sky, the guitar riff of Pink Floyds ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ had just kicked in on my walkman, and I stared through the window with a mix of awe and admiration.  

You’ll be happy to know our emblematic Teide is just as jaw-dropping up close as it is from twenty thousand feet.

Teide National Park trips and excursions come in all shapes, sizes, energy levels, and to suit all budgets. We have organised island bus tours, buggy, quad, or jeep safaris, private tours, trekking, stargazing, you can rent-a-car and drive yourself there, jump off it on a tandem paraglide, or even wave at it from a helicopter.  


The informative bit


Our mighty Teide is actually a stratovolcano, which means created from thousands of eruptions, built up on lava flows and pyroclastic material, and his last eruption, which lasted ten days, was 18th November 1909.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Teide National Park covers 190km2 of outstanding beauty, with craters, rock formations, lava tubes, and vents, proving a dramatic backdrop to the flora and fauna.  

The volcanos caldera (cauldren) is called ‘Las Cañadas’ and sits at 2km altitude, with a diameter of 17km.  

The iconic ‘Los Roques de Garcia’ rock formation emerged from ancient landslides.  Once there you’ll be compelled to take the classic Tenerife tourist photo of ‘Roque Cinchado’, also known as ‘el dedo del Dios’ (Gods finger), with Teide looming large in the background. 

Mount Teides cable car opened in 1971, and the base station at the caldera floor is 2356m above sea level.  The cable car ascent takes 8 minutes to reach the base of the volcano summit at 3555m.  This upper station, known as ‘La Rambleta’, is home to Spains highest public telephone, and La Fortaleza and Pico Viejo vantage points, from where to fully take in the spectacular panorama.  

For environmental reasons, national park officials control the number of visitors allowed to the 3718m summit and trekking to the peak now requires a permit organised ahead of your trip.  Taking the journey up you’ll be safely monitored by a national park guide. 

It’s a wonderful experience sitting on the peak knowing you’re currently the very highest thing in Spain.  You feel as though you’re on top of the world.  


Impress your friends and family with ‘Teide Fun Facts’!


When you see the national park lavascape you’ll think you’ve just entered an immense film set, and you’re not wrong.  The most recent ‘Clash of the Titans’ was filmed here, along with ‘Wrath of the Titans’, and the thriller ‘Intacto’, starring Max Von Sydow.  ‘One million years B.C’ was also shot here, and if you haven’t seen that particular 1966 classic, you may be more familiar with the chamois leather bikini-clad Raquel Welch, whose poster of the film adorned Andy Dufrasnes cell in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.  

Our volcanos current status is dormant, but he is not extinct.  In 2018 a popular British tabloid reported, with video footage of the smoking stack, that Teide was erupting following a series of microquakes.  In the time it took Tenerifans to look skywards, scratch our heads, and say ”que?”, it was discovered that the ‘esteemed’ news publications footage was actually a volcano in Hawaii.  We can only think the journalists ex-wife was holidaying in Tenerife at the time and he wanted to make her stay more interesting.

Teide National Park is a renowned venue for athletic high altitude training.  The barometric pressure at this altitude level is ideal to boost red blood cells and increase stamina.  Among those using Teides ideal conditions have been Nigel Benn, Frank Bruno, Chris Froome, and Bradley Wiggins.  Team Sky held their 2016 training camp here while preparing for their successful Tour de France win.


The GOAT Top Tips


Make sure whatever you take your photos with is fully charged!  

It may be baking on the beach, but it’s fresh up here.  Always take warm clothing regardless of what the weather is doing down on the coast, and if you’ve got your chamois leather bikini ready to recreate the Raquel Welch pose, be sure to have a friend ready with an extra jumper and hot drink close by.

However you’d like to visit Teide National Park, just let us know and The GOAT will save you valuable holiday time in the search for your ideal trip.  With constantly changing covid regulations many services have been restricted, and we can advise you what is available.  In less restrictive times the options are plentiful.  We have bus and coach tours in big groups or small, and for different durations.  There are private tours of maximum 6 people for a more personal guide.  You may want to incorporate your Teide visit into a full island tour, which also takes in the famous dragon tree of Icod de Los Vinos, Garachico and it’s lava pools, and the rumoured pirates mountain-top enclave of Masca.  Explore the national park on a jeep safari, go on or off-road in a buggy or quad bike.  Teide sunset and stargazing trips in big, or more personal groups, from a guided tour of the constellations, to making a star-filled night of it including dinner at a fine local restaurant.  


In conclusion


Contact us via email or whatsapp and tell us what you’re interested in.  We’ll get back to you with up to the minute information, availability, prices, and advice.  Everything from pick-up points, what day would be best for weather conditions, and of course, which Pink Floyd album provides the best soundtrack.  At no extra cost the GOAT advisor can meet you in the south of Tenerife and bring the excursion shop to you, armed with videos and on the spot schedules.  


Message us!…It’s going to be GOAT!



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