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..and welcome to our first GOAT Tenerife Excursions Personal Service blog post!  Now, I have to be honest here, I don’t really read blog posts, but I’ve written loads of them, from Australian plumbing, South African phone apps, to a Russian online dating service.  But this time it’s different, because this time, it’s personal.  The GOAT, and the wonderful island of Tenerife are both very close to my heart, so when, during our pandemic lockdown, the idea was born to bring the excursion personal service online, I’m there with bells on.


So what’s the Big Idea


There are a staggering amount of different excursions around Tenerife, and not just jet-skiing through our crystal blue ocean.  We have gladiator horses, vineyards, stargazing, helicopters, private boat cruises, magical pine forest treks, day trips to neighbouring Canarian islands, viking boats, a submarine, a hilarious drag show, snorkelling with turtles, and a 28 metre high vertical waterslide… and that’s just the tip of the volcano.

With a grand knowledge of Tenerife tourism, amassed from thirty years of living and working on this magnificent island, the GOAT is in the right position to advise you on what there is to see and do, when and where, and at the right price.  So you simply message us, we’ll give you all your options and up to the minute information using our local knowledge and professional Tenerife excursion partners.

If you’re based in south Tenerife, for no extra cost, you can request a visit, and a GOAT advisor will bring the excursion shop to you, with videos, photos, schedules and all the best offers.  You take your time, make a choice, and get back to us.  We book, confirm, take payment, and deliver your tickets, and you go and make some wonderful holiday memories.

Everyone’s a winner!


The informative bit….  Get familiar with ‘The Rock’


Tenerife is known as ‘the island of eternal spring’ thanks to its year-long temperate weather.  With our subtropical oceanic climate we are blessed with a glorious annual average temperature of 23 degrees celsius, which is regulated by north eastern trade winds and gulf air currents.  With a variety of micro-climatic weather zones, our lush green north facing mountain slopes see the most cloud and rain, whereas the southern coastline is afforded the most sunshine.

Temperature drops with altitude and in winter months the famous 3718m Mount Teide will be wearing his thick snow overcoat while you’re lapping up the rays on the beach.  Teides peak is the highest point in Spain, and the volcanos national park land is the location for altitude training, the famous sports stars who have physically prepared here include Nigel Benn, Bradley Wiggins, and Chris Froome.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands at 2,034 sq km, and sits around 300km from the west coast of Africa.  The Canarian archipelago rose up from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean millions of years ago, created by a series of underwater eruptions.


The historical bit… Tenerife through the ages

200 B.C  the first human habitation of the island, believed to be Berbers from North Africa.

1341  The Canary Islands first appear on a map.

1402  Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and El Hierro are conquered by Spain.

1492  Cristobal Colon, a.k.a Christopher Columbus, stops off en-route to the Americas.

1495  Spanish Conquistadors take Tenerife following two years of fighting with the native Guanches.

1706  The Trevejo volcano erupts, burying the city and port of Garachico.

1797  A failed attack at Santa Cruz by the British leaves Admiral Nelson armless.

Late 19th century  Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz start to welcome tourists.

1936  Considered a threat by the Spanish government, General Francisco Franco is sent to Tenerife to keep him out of the way.  After 3 months he returns to Spain, starts the Civil War, and becomes ruler of Spain.

1960’s  Tourism boom in north Tenerife.

1971  Mount Teides cable car service starts.

1972  Loro Parque opens, recognised in 2018 by Trip Advisor, after some 50 million visitors, as the best zoo in the world.

1975  General Franco dies, the dictatorship ends, Juan Carlos becomes Spanish king.

1978  Named for the Queen Sofia, Tenerifes south airport opens, and the tourism boom of the south commences.

2008  Siam Park opens, and currently has won the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award for best waterpark in the world six times in a row.

2020  Global pandemic chaos.  During quarantine The GOAT Tenerife Excursions Personal Service goes live online to rapturous applause.

2121  You read this blog and with our help start planning which brilliant excursions you’re going to take!


Tenerife is currently home to 966,400 residents, and before the covid-19 pandemic, we welcomed an estimated 5 million visitors each year.  With our UNESCO world heritage sites, biosphere reserves, national park land, beaches, night life, watersports, Canarian culture, cuisine, festivals, and magnificent landscape, the island is rightfully one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.


So now you know our beautiful island, why not experience it for yourself.  By land, from the air, or on the ocean, you’ll have an unforgettable time.  And whatever you choose, be sure to contact us for all your excursion needs.



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