GOAT guide to Jetski

If crochet and the ancient art of whittling is your idea of a good time, then renting a jetski in Tenerife may not be your thing. However, if slicing through an undulating cobalt ocean at the foot of a volcano with the sun on your shoulders really floats your Kawasaki, then you’ve come to the right place my friend.

What better way to get familiar with our blue planet with the wind blowing through your hair (or bouncing off your head if you happen to be follically challenged), than a bracing jaunt about the Atlantic Ocean. Of the many reputable water sports providers operating in the south of Tenerife, these are the established outings:

20 minutes circuit – four buoys anchored out in the sea in a square formation. You travel in one direction, you can take it easy, or go fast and overtake so long as you give plenty of space of course.

40 minutes safari – yes it’s a safari!.. but don’t expect giraffes. With a variety of departure points, you’ll be travelling along our spectacular south-western coastline.

1 hour safari – still no giraffes, but you’ll have sixty minutes to enjoy the sights, sounds, and waves.

2 hour safari – while stopping for a break on the two-hour outing you’re able to dismount your trusty water horse for an invigorating swim, or relaxing float. This is a great opportunity for a bit of snorkelling too as the waters here are wonderfully clear, however, due to virus restrictions you should bring your own snorkel mask.

Single or double – if you don’t want your style cramped you take the single option. Alternatively, you can double up with two to a jetski, either with one designated driver, or taking it in turns to drive (as long as the passenger taking over is of eligible age).


Rules and regulations

You need to be at least 16 years of age to drive a single jetski.  To drive while carrying a passenger requires the driver to be a minimum of 18, and the passenger a minimum of 8 years old.  If you’re blessed with the looks of a youthful cherub it’s a good idea to bring proof of age with you, you lucky thing.

The GOATs top tips 

First and foremost, don’t forget the sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy.

If you value something that hasn’t been physically grafted onto your body, please remember while jetskiing there is a chance you’ll lose it.  In the depths just outside Playa de las Americas is a confused manta ray wearing a lovely pair of shades that fell off the back of a parascending boat. To avoid squinting all the way you could invest in a cheap pair, or a cap instead, that you won’t be shedding tears for if it goes for a swim without you.

First-timers to jetskiing in an ocean are frequently surprised to find that it’s a bit bigger and lumpier than they imagined.  This adventure is not solely for extreme sports enthusiasts by all means, but to really enjoy your excursion it’s good to get advice on which one suits you, along with what the weather may be doing on that day or time. So if it’s testing the water with a twenty-minute circuit session, an adventurous meander, or a majestic marathon, get your recommendation based on our local knowledge.

Before the ever-changing covid restrictions there were a good variety of busy jet-ski companies offering different options, such as a pick-up service for the two-hour safari, jetski package deals (with parascending, fly-fish, banana, or crazy UFO ride), and departing from either a beach, marina, or port. Businesses understandably are now operating reduced services on certain days and times. Trawling through google to find your ideal trip takes time, whereas we know who’s doing what, and when, so let us do the work and you’ll have more time to chill before your joyride.

In conclusion

If you already know exactly which jet ski rental you want, simply message the GOAT Tenerife Excursions Booking Service, and we will check the availability for your chosen date, then book, confirm, and deliver your tickets to you at your hotel, apartment, or meeting point.

For more information on jet-skiing, or for any other Tenerife excursion, again just message us and we’ll happily tell you all you need to know.  For no extra charge, ask to meet up with an advisor and we’ll arrive armed with photos, videos, schedules, options, and the best current deals.

It’s going to be GOAT!


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